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English Language For Entertainers: Intensive Program

Inquire about our 36 month English intensive.course for writers, screenwriters, playwrights and future authors Open Enrollment. Upon Completion, you will receive our certificate in English Writing and Screenwriting Proficiency.

We welcome everyone who wants to improve their English, prepare for entrance to American universities, develop their writing or speaking skills, expand their knowledge of American culture, prepare for careers in business, or performing and visual arts. Also prepare for the TOEFL.

We can provide an F1 visas for parents and their children.

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Experiential Learning

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The California High School Proficiency Exam is an early exit testing program established under California law. Testers who pass the CHSPE receive a legal diploma equivalent entitled Certificate of Proficiency, from the California State Board of Education.

Educational Center

Our education center enables students to attend their virtual Zoom classes while having access to a physical classroom including help with homework and explanations. Our hybrid classrooms make it easier & provide a learning-driven environment with hands-on educators to assist your child’s transition into the post-COVID world of learning.

Champion Challenge

Champion Challenge is a TV game show with children-contestants.
Children are not only practicing but are playing a real game on their smartphones as well; so, learning-wise, the number one enemy – the smartphone – becomes the best educating friend for our children.

Each month of the year is dedicated to only one subject, and the children will be able to choose the subject that they like and know the most.

Film, TV, & Theatre

We believe that each child is talented and our mission is to discover the talent, develop it and lead our children to a brighter future. As part of our program, children receive comprehensive cultural education: the base of art history, screenwriting, music, theatre, film and more.

Ivy League Royal Academy

5435 Balboa Blvd. Suite 103, Encino, CA 91316

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: Off


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Say hello to our little webfriend! Our newly redesigned will provide informational and functional tools to parents, students, and staff. New members will be able to learn about the school. Existing members w...

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Welcome New Team Members!
Welcome New Team Members!

We are welcoming Samuel Morris for our Film and Actor Studio department! Samuel was discovered as a writer while doing Stand Up Comedy, in 2002. He was hired as a staff writer to create two shows “Comedy on...

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New Location
New Location

Ivy League Royal Academy is now conveniently located in Encino, CA to accommodate commute from nearby cities. We are continuing to expend within this location, as we have recently added another study areas. ...

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