A letter from our founder

My name is Alla Matusov, and I am the founder of the Ivy League Royal Academy. 

From early childhood to young adulthood, a time of overwhelming wishes and little patience I had many dreams one after the other. I dreamt of being a ballerina, an actress, an opera singer, but I became a scientist and eventually an educator. I raised my son and nurtured him to have the greatest opportunity for accomplishment. I realized that the foundation for success begins with a strong education and upbringing. There are many children who do not have opportunities to pursue their dreams. That frightening thought alone led to the creation of Ivy League Royal Academy.

A long time ago, I read a novel called Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (an amazing person and writer). At the end of the book, riding on the train, the narrator sees hundreds of Polish workmen sent home from France. He writes: “What torments me is not the humps nor hollows nor the ugliness.  It is the sight, a little bit in all these men, of Mozart murdered.”

As I recall this passage, a question occurs. If not me, then who… Who will take care of these children’s dream, and foster their inner Mozart?


Alla Matusov