Welcome New Team Members!

Welcome New Team Members!

We are welcoming Samuel Morris for our Film and Actor Studio department!

Samuel was discovered as a writer while doing Stand Up Comedy, in 2002. He was hired as a staff writer to create two shows “Comedy on the Edge” and “Pizza for Six”, variety shows that were being shopped to Comedy Central. The shows were not picked up, however his talents were noticed and he was hired to work as a director/producer on a small documentary for Freeway Rick Ross with MTV.

During this time, Samuel was also working as an agent and talent scout with Exposure Model and Talent. This gave him insight into the business side of the film industry.

In 2004, Samuel left Los Angeles to open an independent theater company in Chicago, “The No Social Life Theatre Company”. Samuel wrote and produced over a dozen shows over the years before returning to California to break back into the film world.

Samuel opened Snap Independent Features (originally Apocalyptic Films), which wrote scripts, raised funds for productions, and offered screenwriting advice to young filmmakers.

After optioning several films to independent companies, Samuel was asked to move to Florida and write a film titled “The Lighthouse”, which starred Danny Glover. While in Florida, Samuel also helped create the CMT television series “Hillbillies For Hire”, which aired for 1 season.

After being in Florida for nearly a year, Samuel moved to Portland Oregon where he once again rebranded the Snap name and opened a talent agency, production company, acting class, and studio. The company profited over $100,000 in its first year. Snap was asked to produce a musical, “Clowns, DC”, which featured over 21 songs. Samuel directed and choreographed the entire production. Upon completion of Clowns, Samuel was then funded $150,000 to write and produce the film “Fake News”, starring Eric Roberts, Marty Cove and more. The film premiered in Brentwood and won several awards, including best actor to Eric Roberts.

Since then, Samuel wrote the pilot for “My American Family” starring Danny Trejo. Then wrote, directed, and produced the EZ Way Golden Gala, which was hosted by Pat O’ Brien and is currently working on 2 projects with Sheldon Reynolds from Earth Wind and Fire.