Alla Matusov - CEO of Routenstein Group

Alla Matusov – President
Alla Matusov has a Master’s Degree in Science & Education. She holds diplomas in theatre, politics, and arts. She has more than 30 years of experience in research, performing and visual arts, and education. Her acute knowledge & personal friendship with literary luminaries, such as Ray Bradbury, places her in a unique position to give her students an insight into understanding and appreciating great writers and artists. Alla has a keen eye in recognizing and nurturing individual talent.

Dr. Rafter is recognized as an educator, youth developer, businessman, author storyteller and journalist; instructor, advisor and trainer, motivational speaker and expert in marketing and promotion; and traveler who loves people and enjoys life.

As Asia News Editorial Director for on Google News, many call Dr. Mark or “Marco” the Modern Day Marco Polo and a true “Cultural Exchange Bridge.” Dr. Rafter has traveled in over 35 countries and all 50 of the United States and interacted with leaders in business, commerce, development, education, hospitality, media, film, journalism, real estate, technology and tourism. Dr. Rafter holds 2 PhDs and an International Professorship and is currently finishing his MBA and 3rd PhD. Dr. Rafter is a former 3 time All American and World Class Athlete. Dr. Rafter serves as the Vice President and Board Member of Teton University and Ambassador for International Relations & Studies now in partnership with Haven University, California Graduate College of Theology and currently is launching joint venture with the Teton University Companies for MD Marco Polo University Public Policy Institute and Youth Ambassador Development Program.

Computer Science & Technology Professor(s) – TBD

OPEN POSITION: Qualified computer science major to assist and/or lead our Technology Program with robot building.