The English Language For Writers intensive program

Inquire about our new extensive 36 months course for writers, screenwriters, playwrights and future authors in the English language. Open Enrollment. Join this exciting and detailed program every Monday and finish with our certificate in English writing and screenwriting proficiency after a minimum of three years studying with us.


The goals of our staff are to provide an excellent education that leads to the tremendous progress of each of our students: fluent communication, reading and writing in the English language as well as constant guidance and support related to education, career building, social and daily routine questions and needs.

Our teachers hold a Bachelor of Arts, or higher degree and have great experience as TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) instructors.

TOEFL is not required to graduate.


We welcome everyone who wants to improve his/her English and/or be ready for American college or university as well as having fun, improving skills and expanding his/her knowledge in American culture, performing and/or visual arts and sports (tennis, golf, racketball, etc.).


Even though we have set programs, we can always make adjustments to suit your needs and interests – individualized educational program (IEP).

We are the only school that can provide an F1 visa for parents (language program) and their children (language and academic program from K through 12th grade).

We have different levels, but we do not have a set Routenstein amount of time that our students must spend on each level: your progress is in your hands (you may move to the next level just in a month).

Last but not least, all levels of studying the English language are designed through an entertainment approach; it is interactive and fun.