IQ Range is a TV game show with children-contestants.
Children are not only practicing but are playing a real game on their smartphones as well; so, learning-wise, the number one enemy – the smartphone – becomes the best educating friend for our children.

Each month of the year is dedicated to only one subject, and the children will be able to choose the subject that they like and know the most.

The subjects will be Greek and Roman mythology, Renaissance, US History and Geography, American Art, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Math, The Greatest Opera Singers, Space and Aliens, and much, much more.
And of course, the one and only true “motivation” – money! Every participant of the final games (regardless of the playing level: school, city, state, nationwide, or worldwide level) will receive financial prizes. Parents and teachers all over the world will not only support, but encourage children to play these games because they will be rewarded as well. For example, if a contestant wins $1,000.00, then the family or the school of the child will receive a matching amount of $1,000.00. Thus, bringing the total reward to be $2,000.00.