Film, TV, & Theatre

We believe that each child is talented and our mission is to discover the talent, develop it and lead our children to a brighter future. As part of our program, children receive comprehensive cultural education: the base of art history, screenwriting, music, theatre, film and more.

We carefully consider each talent and provide children with an environment to be free with their work. At the same time, we educate on all kinds of art and pedagogically guide our students in their progress. Thanks to our ongoing relationships with Film & TV studios in Los Angeles, children are provided with opportunities to participate in professional projects and be directly inspired by professionals of the entertainment industry.

Technical skills are certainly important in the world of art, but focus should be on the inner world of a person & the story inside each of us. Our mission is to help your child to create an organic outlet through the many expressions art! We discover young talents and assist in preparing them for a variety of professional careers in the entertainment industry.