Daniel Matusov

As the first ILRA graduate, Daniel enrolled & finished the UCLA Law School program before the age of 20 and is now a Business Affairs Executive at Amazon Studios.

Isabel May

Passed the CHSPE 6
months into her enrollment at the academy and now stars in the current
Netflix show “Alexa & Katie”

Sophia Tatum

Arrived at age 15 and passed the CHSPE within 6 months. Sophia now works with NEXT Models.

Gregory Mochmann

Gregory had issues in public schools and was brought to the academy at 10 years old. He passed the CHSPE at age 11 and is part of the academy’s media & performing arts program.

Maxena Gold

Passed the CHSPE at age 11
(after only 1 1⁄2 yrs.
of attending Ivy League Royal Academy)

Lev Khmelev

Enrolled at age 12 and within 6 months was able to pass the CHSPE.

Sam Evans

Passed the CHSPE 6 months into attendance and enrolled into college shortly after. Sam now works for NEXT Models.