English Language For Entertainers: Intensive Program

 Now Enrolling 2021 English Language For Entertainers: Intensive Program

Inquire about our 36 month English intensive course for writers, screenwriters, playwrights and future authors Open Enrollment. Upon Completion, you will receive our certificate in English writing and screenwriting proficiency.


The objective of this program is to improve English Language proficiency in speaking and composition through the practice of writing and speaking. Learn script, exposition or creative writing for business or creative purposes, geared towards furthering the student’s goals in business, education, creative endeavors, or even daily life.  Concurrently, work on improving or perfecting English speaking and pronunciation.

Our teachers hold a Bachelor of Arts degrees, or higher, typically with experience as TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) instructors. All levels of our program are designed through a performing arts, entertainment-based approach.

For Whom

We welcome everyone who wants to improve their English, prepare for entrance to American universities, develop their writing or speaking skills, expand their knowledge of American culture, prepare for careers in business, or performing and visual arts. Also prepare for the TOEFL.

What makes us different

We offer unique programs, tailored to the needs and goals of the individual. We start where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.

We can provide an F1 visa for parents (language program) and their children (language and academic program from K through 12th grade).

Call us for a personalized program analysis to develop your course of study.

Contact administrative staff for more information and an application package.