What is M.E.E.T.S?

Learning through Media, Education, Entertainment Technology & Science.


To operate and act exclusively for education and vocational purposes with whole person development: The M.E.E.T.S. mission is to help our students to tell their story through the art of learning! It’s all about the kids.


M.E.E.T.S is an ingenious educational method, using CORE with apps, games, and entertainment to stimulate accelerated super learning and students, while having FUN at the same time.


  • Math Monday: Total Math Immersion;
  • Education Tuesday: Total immersion of English, comprehension,  grammar vocabulary, and literature and Foreign Language;
  • Entertainment Wednesday: Total immersion in Journalism & Media Arts with art, dance, film, music, television, and videos;
  • Technology Thursday: Total interactive immersion in technology and engineering. As part of Ivy League Royal Academy’s partnership with its educational partners, it will conduct a unique applied science case study that monitors the learning levels of the children. It is our belief that this data will prove our model and demonstrate that children learn quicker with the Ivy League Royal Academy's accelerated learning method;
  • Science Friday: Total immersion – ?
    • ???Biology, Microbiology, Social, Physiology and Chemistry 
    • Physical Sciences: Astronomy, Geology and Physics 
    • Social Sciences: World History, Geography & Culture and US History, Geography & Culture