Rhythm of Space Workshop

with Sheldon Reynolds


Rhythm Section

* Saturday Orientation on Zoom
* Two days a week
* From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm or 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday and
* Early Registration $200.00
* Day of $225.00

This exciting workshop teaches:
* The discipline how to play in a rhythm section in a band..
* How to stay in the pocket
* How to play Rhythm guitar
* How to Solo

Rhythm Section consist of:
* Guitar ( Two )
* Bass
* Drums
* Keyboards ( Two )

Individual instrument and group sessions.

Each participant must provide their own equipment to participate.
* Guitar
* Bass
* Amplifier
* Cords
* Drumsticks and brushes
* Keyboard and stand
Whatever is needed to perform that day.

Parents will be invited to a special evening called "I Have the
Rhythm". All participants will participate in a special performance
demonstrating what they have been taught. Performance will be recorded and each participant given a copy.

Equipment needed:
* Keyboard and stand
* Bass Guitar
* Electric and Acoustic Guitar
* Drum set
* Amplifier
* MAC Computer
* Large television with the ability to show You Tube video` s
* Extension Chords with multiple jacks