ROUTENSTEIN ROYAL ACADEMY is located in the heart of Hollywood! In the center of world entertainment industry!

We believe that each child is talented and our mission is to discover the talent, develop it and lead our children to the bright future!

In our school your child will get comprehensive cultural education: the base of art history, literature, music, theatre, film and more.

We carefully consider each talent and give the children to be free in their work, they can choose any kind of art that they do better and like more. At the same time, we teach all kinds of art and skillfully pedagogically guide our students in their progress.

Your child will learn drama and acting, will be a part of filmmaking team and a journalist and even will do own TV investigation!

Thanks to our strong personal relationships with Film and TV studios in Los Angeles, children are given the opportunity to participate in professional projects and directly be inspired by masters of entertainment industry! 

We discover young talents and help them to start and continue their professional career in entertainment industry!

We will prepare your child for casting and for life!

Technical skills are certainly important, but the main thing is the inner world of a person, the story inside each of us! And our mission is to help your child to tell the story through art!